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00:08 today we’re continuing with the series 00:11 of documentaries that I’ve started with 00:13 prominent people from all over the world 00:15 who discussed subjects of alternative 00:18 medicine and natural treatments and 00:20 natural approach to health and generally 00:22 people who are game-changers a phrase 00:25 that I use for figures and personalities 00:28 that dedicate their work and their time 00:30 to projects that help people raise 00:32 awareness about their health so today we 00:35 are here with Robert Kennedy jr. which 00:37 is a great honor and with Dale victory I 00:40 consider you guys a team which is why 00:42 I’ve invited you to join me today both 00:45 of you at the same time I think it would 00:47 be a very interesting conversation to me 00:49 these two people are pretty much heroes 00:52 of today because I think a couple of 00:55 days ago I read somewhere it says until 00:57 you wake up we will continue fighting 00:59 for you and this is I think a slogan 01:01 that is very applicable to both of you 01:04 because there’s more people every day 01:05 that understand what you’re saying 01:08 there’s more people every day all over 01:10 the world not only in the US but there’s 01:13 still a lot of people who don’t know who 01:16 are in doubt and who definitely 01:17 desperately need the information that 01:19 you bring so your voice is definitely 01:22 heard and much farther away from the US 01:24 than you would think I personally today 01:26 I’m doing this documentary for all of 01:29 the people who are on the eastern side 01:31 of our planet so the Eastern Europe 01:35 block is at the moment kind of you know 01:39 in a very bad shape in terms of the 01:41 subject that we will be discussing today 01:43 and which is why I’m doing this 01:44 documentary for free to them for them to 01:47 have access to true information from the 01:50 source so thank you for being here it’s 01:53 a great pleasure and a big honor and let 01:55 me just start by asking maybe for you 01:58 guys to tell me a little bit about how 02:01 you came to do what you do today with 02:05 relation to the pharma industry the 02:07 vaccinations you know the vaccine Safety 02:10 Commission all of that because I know 02:12 that Robert was doing 02:13 mental law before and how did you two 02:16 became a team I’m the president of an 02:20 environmental group I’m called 02:23 Waterkeeper Alliance and we have 350 02:27 water keepers or patrol boats on 02:31 waterways all over the world in 44 02:33 countries we sue polluters and I was 02:37 involved in litigation of against about 02:40 40 coal burning power plants and cement 02:42 kilns in the early 2000s and I was suing 02:47 a money issue a mercury contamination 02:49 and fish at that time I was going across 02:53 the United States in Canada and speaking 02:55 of the issue of mercury and particularly 02:57 the impacts from exposures to children 03:01 almost everywhere that I stopped women 03:05 would come to my speeches and they were 03:07 professionals that they were pharmacists 03:09 and scientists and doctors and nurses 03:12 and attorneys etcetera and after I spoke 03:15 they come up to me and they’d say to me 03:17 if you really are genuinely concerned 03:21 about mercury exposures to children you 03:24 need to look at vaccines and it wasn’t 03:26 something I wanted to do it was way out 03:29 of my wheelhouse but ultimately a woman 03:32 who is a psychologist and her son was 03:35 acting injured or severe autism from me 03:40 from a mercury vaccine and ended up with 03:43 a 20 million dollar award from the 03:45 vaccine court she kept my house on Cape 03:49 Cod with a huge pile of scientific 03:52 studies and she put them on my front 03:54 porch I’m not gonna leave here until you 03:57 read these I’m very comfortable reading 04:00 science I wanted to be a scientist when 04:02 I was growing up I I’ve brought over 500 04:06 lawsuits and almost all of them involved 04:08 a scientific controversy I’m very 04:12 comfortable reading science and I 04:13 started reading these um these reports 04:17 and these peer-reviewed published 04:19 reports and what I immediately struck me 04:22 is a huge Delta 04:25 between what the actual science was 04:28 saying about vaccines mercury in 04:31 vaccines and autism and what the public 04:34 health authorities and the 04:35 pharmaceutical companies were telling 04:38 the American public and and I started 04:41 calling a government officials and 04:43 because of my name and my family 04:46 contacts I had access to the highest 04:49 levels of these government officials I 04:51 could get almost anybody on the phone I 04:54 would ask I would call them and ask them 04:57 about specific studies and about their 05:00 justification for certain decisions and 05:02 I realize at that point that they were 05:05 that they either didn’t know what was 05:07 happening 05:07 they were just ignorant or they were 05:11 deliberately lying and they were 05:12 covering up these you know very very 05:16 troubling exposures to children and and 05:20 the same woman owed me a document which 05:24 was in 1999 CDC has a giant database all 05:30 of it essentially most American children 05:33 it’s all the children who are involved 05:35 in the top top 8nh impose they have the 05:39 database of all their vaccination 05:41 records and all their health records so 05:43 you can do some very good studies of 05:45 that and they’ve been an internal study 05:47 8 I’ve got a Belgian researcher named 05:49 Thomas first patent and he had a team of 05:52 scientists went through those studies 05:55 that they were looking at that hepatitis 05:57 B vaccine which is given to every child 06:00 in this country on the earth and they 06:03 were comparing children who who got it 06:05 on the day of birth to children who got 06:07 it within the first 60 days of life and 06:11 pairing it the children who didn’t get 06:13 it and they were looking at the health 06:15 outcomes and what they found was the 06:17 children who got that vaccine had an 06:20 1135 percent greater chance of having a 06:25 autism diagnosis and kids who didn’t get 06:28 it and they knew 1135 presents oh it’s 06:34 called a relevant relative risk of 1,100 06:37 thirty-five that’s for comparison the 06:40 relative risk between uh smoking a pack 06:45 of cigarettes a day for 20 years and 06:47 getting a lung cancer is a 10 and that’s 06:50 causation so they knew in 1999 what’s 06:55 causing the autism epidemic and they had 06:57 an emergency meeting when they got this 06:59 honey back and and they didn’t do it on 07:03 the CDC campus because they thought and 07:05 they would have to give it to the public 07:07 and the Freedom of Information Law and 07:09 they wanted to keep it to secret oh they 07:12 had a secret meeting at a retreat center 07:15 in Norcross Georgia called the Simpson 07:18 with a retreat center and they invited 07:19 the heads of all the vaccine companies 07:21 there were 75 people with a meeting all 07:24 the regulators from the World Health 07:26 Organization and CDC FDA and IH they all 07:31 got together for two days and they 07:33 looked at this not in and and they want 07:36 and they agreed to keep the study secret 07:38 I they during that two day period that 07:43 you spent the first day talking about 07:46 this study and agreeing among themselves 07:48 that it was true that they were 07:50 destroying all these children and they 07:52 say these horrific things like one of 07:55 the leaders of the regulatory community 07:57 says my grandson was born this morning 08:01 and I’m not gonna get him vaccinated and 08:05 then they spend the next a talking about 08:08 how to keep this from the American 08:11 public 08:11 how to hide it from the press from 08:14 lawyers they’re terrified of the lawyers 08:17 and they were very scared that name 08:20 doesn’t selves would have liability and 08:23 somebody recorded that meeting and I got 08:28 a hold of the transcript and so the 08:31 first my first kind of public 08:33 involvement was this when I published 08:35 excerpts from that transcript in Rolling 08:37 Stone magazine in 2005 and then you know 08:42 I got my my involvement gradually 08:45 escalated and 08:47 Ellen I got together at the time when he 08:52 was producing movie called facts that 08:54 had a tremendous impact and informing 08:58 people all over the world yes 09:01 speaking of VAX by the way being based 09:05 in London when Fox came to London it was 09:08 a huge thing but they you know the 09:09 amount of secrecy that it had to be 09:12 surrounded with detective for actually 09:14 to take place because of the you know 09:16 the whole media situation but 09:18 interestingly you know you just 09:19 mentioned years like 1999 2005 this goes 09:23 on to a published magazine and yet you 09:27 know you would think that somebody would 09:28 read something like this and it would 09:30 automatically create a scandal in the 09:32 media it would be all over the news and 09:34 but there was nothing of the sort 09:36 especially well there was at that time 09:38 there was a firestorm of interest and I 09:41 actually was allowed to go on TV and 09:43 talk about it on a couple of shows very 09:45 limited and then the backlash yeah and 09:49 there were hundreds of articles saying 09:51 and I had made up as you know not 09:54 everybody reads the original I didn’t I 09:56 original article was just transcripts of 10:00 the tape it was nothing that I couldn’t 10:03 find your makeup 10:04 I was just reporting I was just exerting 10:07 a tape um but not everybody reads the 10:10 original and so they you know they the 10:15 press came and in our country the press 10:17 is completely controlled by in your 10:19 country in every country you know there 10:22 are more so I think in our country than 10:25 almost anywhere and the reason for that 10:27 is there’s only two nations in the world 10:29 that allowed direct consumer advertising 10:33 and pharmaceutical products on 10:35 television and radio and one of those is 10:37 New Zealand the other is the United 10:39 States the highest drug prices and we 10:42 have the worst health outcomes and is a 10:47 consumption of pharmaceutical products 10:49 in our country but what it also means is 10:52 they spend about twenty five billion 10:55 dollars in farmers 10:57 promotion every year the doctors and and 11:00 about nine point six billion of that 11:03 last year was on TV ads and social media 11:07 ads etcetera those companies are now 11:11 completely dependent on pharmaceutical 11:14 advertising and the companies 11:15 particularly target the news divisions 11:18 so Roger Ailes who was that of fox news 11:21 told me that that during certain years 11:26 twenty seventy percent of his during non 11:29 election years up to seven eight verse 11:31 and his new advertising revenues came 11:35 from pharmaceutical companies and he 11:37 actually said he said typically on an 11:40 evening news show I have 22 11:42 advertisements and 17 of those are 11:44 pharmaceutical out of 22 1700 and he 11:48 said to me if if one of my house on fox 11:50 news allowed you onto the air to talk 11:54 about this issue I would have to fire at 11:56 that house and if I didn’t I would have 11:58 a call from Rupert Rupert Murdoch within 12:01 ten minutes and the Murdoch’s have 12:04 played a really critical essential role 12:07 and um in this whole battling in 12:11 creating and fortifying this they’re 12:16 very they’re deeply involved with the 12:20 pharmaceutical industry ain’t on one of 12:22 the Murdoch’s on one of the largest 12:24 pharmaceutical vaccine testing companies 12:27 in the world and gems Murdoch or Lachlan 12:33 sat on the board of F Kline for many 12:37 years and they’re very tied in with 12:39 industry and um but all the companies in 12:44 are all the media companies and there’s 12:46 really only about five of them in the 12:48 United States a completely dependent on 12:51 pharmaceutical advertising and the 12:53 pharmaceutical companies are not just 12:55 buying ads that buying content and these 12:58 news shows are now marketing shows 13:02 vehicles or the pharmaceutical industry 13:06 yeah I might think what’s is you were 13:07 jumping in there saying every country 13:10 and I think what you were thinking he 13:11 was saying is that the government is 13:13 controlling our media which is what’s 13:14 happening in every other country we have 13:16 a different problem here we have 13:17 industry controlling our media and that 13:19 and therefore controlling the vote and 13:22 then the industry is getting involved in 13:24 funding government weave industry 13:27 takeover of America that’s taking place 13:28 more than just a government our 13:30 government no longer represents us it 13:32 represents these power corporations that 13:34 are influencing people through media and 13:36 influencing politicians through massive 13:39 handouts and this is very critical for 13:43 people to here who are outside of the US 13:46 because there is still this kind of 13:49 iconic perception of you know oh but you 13:51 know but the US and then when you hear 13:54 this and people from abroad would hear 13:56 this they would finally realize that you 13:58 know actually you guys are also in a big 14:02 trouble in this situation which concerns 14:04 health care because you know you are 14:06 normally used as a benchmark you know oh 14:08 but the US no but oh but the US you are 14:11 fighting the front line of this battle 14:13 and this is why I want people to know 14:16 that this is something they can follow 14:18 because this battle is actually kind of 14:20 based here and then it radiates control 14:29 they’re tryna can keep me anymore and 14:32 part of it is I mean you know in 14:35 developing nations the World Health 14:36 Organization basically controls those 14:39 nations because of some of the budget 14:49 companies those countries lost a lot of 14:52 their sovereignty but we have agencies 14:56 like CDC that’s is actually a vaccine 15:00 company it it sells four point nine 15:03 billion dollars worth of vaccines or it 15:05 buys four point nine million billion 15:07 dollars of accidents a year and that’s 15:09 about almost about almost forty five 15:12 percent of its budget and Anna Collins 15:16 vaccine patents exactly it makes money 15:19 from selling vaccines any individuals 15:21 within the city 15:22 I make up to $150,000 a year from 15:25 royalties from the vaccines that were 15:27 proving FDA get 70% of its budget from 15:31 me industry and and you know and then 15:35 the European medical agencies so they’re 15:39 all captured agencies in our country I 15:44 think you know we pay you so much more 15:46 for vaccines than anybody else and the 15:50 the interests are meshed there really is 15:54 no daylight between CDC CDC and FDA and 15:59 HHS are wholly owned subsidiaries of the 16:02 vaccine industry and you know they are 16:05 ain’t no they’re causing this chronic 16:08 disease epidemic peep I would say they 16:11 because it’s not all agents any but key 16:13 people within the agencies not that 16:15 political appointees at the top because 16:18 they’re being lied to to the people who 16:21 are running the vaccine divisions the 16:24 people who aren’t running people like 16:27 Francis Colin and and Tony Falchi within 16:31 FDA and agent people like Colleen Boyle 16:36 and Franklin 7th know in CDC know that 16:40 they’re causing a chronic disease 16:42 epidemic our country know that they’re 16:44 causing autism rheumatoid arthritis 16:46 juvenile diabetes all these other the 16:51 allergic diseases and that the same 16:53 companies that are making the vaccines 16:56 and are causing these diseases and 16:59 making 50 billion dollars a year on 17:01 those vaccines are making 500 billion a 17:04 year on the back end selling epi pens 17:08 and albuterol inhaler is that any 17:10 seizure medication and Prozac and you 17:13 know and diabetes medication and 17:16 adderall and concerta and Ritalin and 17:19 all these other blockbuster drugs and 17:22 are marketed to treat the disease 17:30 yes and that brings me to my next 17:33 question which actually is the next 17:36 question that when you start a 17:37 discussion with somebody who is sort of 17:39 not sure or just basically a Pro Vox 17:42 person they would start saying okay but 17:45 what about the safety studies you know 17:46 they’re safe and effective what about 17:50 the safety studies and I know about the 17:52 court you know we all have been reading 17:55 and following your work and so the court 17:58 situation that you have with the US 17:59 government where there was 30 years that 18:02 they were supposed to be reporting this 18:04 periodic you know the safety 18:07 documentation what about safe and 18:10 effective well I mean I think that 18:11 that’s the the major question I mean my 18:14 background really quickly as I was 18:15 produced in the daytime talks to the 18:17 doctors for six years celebrating 18:19 doctors in medicine and science and then 18:22 I came upon the story of dr. William 18:24 Thompson at the CDC that came forward 18:26 and said we’re committing scientific 18:28 fraud on the vaccine safety studies and 18:30 specifically the MMR autism study done 18:34 between 2000 and 2004 I pursued that my 18:38 show wouldn’t cover it I want the 18:39 executive producers and I said I have a 18:40 jump on this story this is gonna be the 18:42 biggest medical story maybe in my 18:45 lifetime if it proves to be true can I 18:46 get on it and they said no way you’re 18:48 not going anywhere near it 18:49 hey while I wasn’t surprised by that I 18:52 mean we were medical talk show we were 18:54 funded I mean we do interstitials for I 18:56 was writing commercials for Merck and 18:58 Pfizer I worked with them they would 19:00 come and work with me and figure out how 19:02 to make people afraid of you know a flu 19:04 outbreak or something so we were aware 19:06 of how that worked but I figured well at 19:11 least this story if it breaks CNN all 19:14 the major news agencies will cover it 19:16 and then I’ll come back to my executive 19:17 producer said we should do our version 19:18 of it let me jump on the story now so I 19:21 was tracking it and two weeks later the 19:23 whistleblowers statements come forward 19:25 he’s saying things like you know we hid 19:28 significant data in the study 19:31 you know I every time I see a child with 19:33 autism I feel guilty I can’t believe we 19:35 did what we did I know that phrase right 19:37 huge and through 19:41 an outrageous set of circumstances in 19:43 pursuing that story I ended up being the 19:45 producer of the documentary on it and 19:47 then meeting Andy Wakefield who was 19:49 already he had already spent a year and 19:51 a half on that project I mean when I got 19:53 involved I sat down and watched an hour 19:55 and 45 minutes of you know of interviews 19:59 with experts and and looking at the 20:01 graphs and the science and he had gone 20:02 through the ten thousand documents 20:04 William Thompson provided and so that 20:08 was you know and I had to investigate 20:10 Andy I mean I was going to leave I knew 20:13 I was gonna ruin my career in television 20:14 so I had to look at what’s the story 20:16 about this defrocked doctor in the UK I 20:19 mean like this guy’s you know one of the 20:21 most you know hated doctors in the world 20:24 on some parts and then if you talk to 20:26 parents of autistic children he’s a hero 20:28 yes so I’m not gonna bury you in that 20:30 investigation but I can tell you that 20:32 when you really look into it it really 20:34 doesn’t take very long to recognize that 20:36 the beginning of this major fraud 20:39 especially on the MMR vaccine is what

20:41 was done to him by the pharmaceutical 20:42 industry and a lot of the Murdochs and 20:44 yeah then by the Murdochs once again 20:46 that was directly coming out of son I 20:49 think the Sun Times in England and it 20:52 was a hit job done by Brian dear a 20:54 reporter hired to essentially try and 20:57 characters Andy’s credibility and it’s 21:02 unfortunate because now we really see 21:04 the science is coming around UC Davis 21:07 you know ASU all of these universities 21:09 are really starting to key and on this 21:11 direct connection between intestinal 21:14 health and autism which was exactly what 21:16 he was investigating every time I see 21:18 these headlines you know that he’s doing 21:20 fecal transplants and seeing kids healed 21:22 they’re taking you know feces from 21:25 inside an autistic child putting it in 21:27 mice and the mice are becoming autistic 21:28 and the headlines should just be reading 21:30 Andy Wakefield was right and so we think 21:32 we’ve already right there we set this 21:35 entire investigation autism over a 21:39 decade behind by simply destroying a 21:41 scientist that was already on this 21:42 instead of celebrating it a man who 21:44 never said no vaccinate by the way 21:46 simply just said let’s just break up the 21:48 MMR the measles mumps rubella do them 21:51 separately until we could figure out 21:52 what’s going on here 21:53 that was so callous 21:54 traffic to the the plan for pharma that 21:57 I think they set out to destroy his 21:59 career so that’s how I got into it when 22:01 we talked about safety you know I was 22:03 touring the country with vast which you 22:06 know became an overnight sensation 22:08 because we got kicked out of Tribeca 22:10 Film Festival yes you know we got 22:12 accepted to one of the biggest festivals 22:13 and you know it’s a bucket list for any 22:16 filmmakers to get into Tribeca Film 22:18 Festival and then we get kicked out and 22:20 even after Robert DeNiro heads you know 22:22 one of the you know the founder of 22:25 Tribeca stood up for our film that 22:27 wasn’t enough they still two days later 22:29 pulled our film and I think that shocked 22:33 the world I think that blew the world 22:34 away I mean we all kind of get the 22:36 censorship going on but why is this 22:38 festival censoring and documentary and 22:41 you know when we were fighting with them 22:43 about it you know after an hour on the 22:45 phone saying you know they kept saying 22:47 there’s problems with the science and 22:49 the distribution company was on the 22:51 phone with them said well this is a 22:52 documentary certainly then tell us what 22:54 the problems are and let us show you how 22:55 we came to those conclusions or she’ll 22:57 show you where this scientist came from 22:58 or where the information comes from we 23:00 have the right to defend the the 23:03 statements that are made in the film 23:04 they said we won’t tell you they 23:05 wouldn’t tell us anything they wouldn’t 23:06 tell us that all what was the problem 23:07 and then at the end after really pushing 23:10 it they finally said look the sloan 23:13 Foundation has been one of our primary 23:15 donors from the beginning of the Tribeca 23:17 Film Festival and we are not gonna play 23:20 his film 23:20 so that’s sloan-kettering you haven’t 23:22 you know right there we see the you know 23:24 medical establishment behind a festival 23:27 and that’s the beginning of censorship I 23:28 mean I think that this thing really 23:29 that’s what really from the very 23:32 beginning people asked about censorship 23:33 and Facebook I said we’ve been dealing 23:35 with censorship the moment our film 23:37 before our film even saw the light of 23:39 day 23:41 you know I was reading reviews of my 23:45 film that nobody had seen I mean makeup 23:48 produced by The Hollywood Reporter how 23:50 reporter I mean these are magazines I 23:53 read like I’m an industry professional 23:54 and thinking this isn’t at all what’s in 23:57 my film like how are you writing a 23:59 review for film you’ve never seen that 24:01 they’d pull off it for a write be review 24:03 for a reporter you know I got 12 reviews 24:07 my book nightmare so before the book is 24:11 available to any reviewer yeah and they 24:14 were already out in published and the 24:16 same thing happened but you know one of 24:19 the you asked about testing and 24:28 responsible for looking at vaccines 24:30 every two years yes reason for that is 24:33 in 86 24:35 1986 Congress pass a vaccine act they 24:38 remove liability from the vaccine 24:40 companies you can’t sue no matter how 24:43 injured you are no matter how negligent 24:46 they were no matter how rivas your 24:48 injury you or how toxic ingredient you 24:51 can’t have to sue them oh they have no 24:53 incentive to make the vaccine safe so 24:56 Congress said we know we’re doing that 24:58 so we’re gonna tell HHS it’s your 25:01 responsibility and you have to look at 25:04 the science constantly and report every 25:07 two years to Congress about what the 25:10 safety profile the vaccines are and what 25:13 you’re doing to make them safer every 25:15 two years but people know that these 25:24 companies cannot be sued what most 25:28 people don’t know is that they’re also 25:30 exempt from testing you don’t have to 25:32 have her safety test at vaccine how is 25:34 that possible any ears hears Wow 25:37 it’s a it’s an artifact of CDC’s legacy 25:42 as the Public Health Service EDC was 25:45 originally a different agency called the 25:48 Public Health Service which was a 25:50 quasi-military agency which is why 25:53 people at CDC have military ranks like 25:56 Surgeon General etcetera vaccine program 25:59 was launched as a defense against a 26:03 biological attack on our country they 26:07 wanted to make sure that if the Russians 26:09 during the Cold War attacked us with 26:13 anthrax or some other biological agent 26:15 that we could quickly develop a vaccine 26:17 and then 26:18 Manufacturing light to the American 26:20 public without any kind of regulatory 26:22 hurdles and right that’s when they came 26:25 up against a law which says if you are 26:28 going to have a health product medical 26:30 product you have to safety tested so 26:32 they said let’s call it a biologic wait 26:36 won’t call it a medical product and call 26:38 it a biologic and a biologic doesn’t 26:41 have to be tested and when the vaccine 26:43 industry you know when I were kids we 26:46 had three vaccines and we were totally 26:49 compliant but today’s children get 72 26:53 vaccines that me to UM doses and and 26:59 that rushed at gold rush began 27:02 immediately after the vaccine Act was 27:04 passed and they were taking the 27:06 companies were taking advantage of the 27:08 fact that there was now zero liability 27:11 laws that they’re mandated so it’s their 27:14 mandate for 74 million kids there’s no 27:17 marketing cost there’s no advertising 27:18 there’s no liability but also there’s no 27:21 testing that’s a huge cost to bring a 27:24 drug to market to do safety testing can 27:26 cost thirty million dollars and time and 27:29 time money in ten years and you know 27:33 shots that we were talking about I sure 27:36 I like how they’re two of those shots 27:39 that are licensed one by GSK and one by 27:42 Mark and the Merck version was only test 27:45 its safety tested for five days the GSK 27:49 urgent was tested for four days I mean 27:53 the baby died on day six it never 27:56 happened if the baby had a seizure on 27:59 day six if the baby was diagnosed with 28:01 autism at three years because that’s 28:03 when you’re diagnosed or food allergies 28:06 autoimmune disease or diabetes it never 28:10 happened plus there was no placebo 28:14 exactly they never made it and that’s 28:16 not science so yeah that means that even 28:19 if the baby died on day two it’s 28:23 entirely up to the drug company which is 28:25 doing the test to determine whether that 28:27 death was the result of a vaccine or was 28:30 it just a summary 28:31 hemorrhage or maybe just a seizure that 28:34 was not related to the vaccine according 28:36 to the company so they don’t even have 28:38 to report it that’s how all these drugs 28:41 got licensed with these terrible safety 28:44 profiles as Ellen I’ve and our attorney 28:48 I’m learned litigation with HS there’s 28:54 not a single vaccine on that list of 72 28:58 are now mandated for every American 29:01 child not one of those has ever been 29:03 tested against a placebo which means 29:06 that nobody knows that safety profile 29:08 for any of those acts I mean you can’t 29:10 say they’re safe statement by a court of 29:17 law and here’s what they say even if 29:19 they’re dangerous they’re better than 29:22 the disease there’s no way anybody can 29:25 tell that there’s no way for anybody to 29:28 be evidence a well that vaccine is 29:31 causing more death and injury and the 29:34 disease the only way that you can say 29:37 that is if you test it against an 29:39 unvaccinated go org and that has never 29:42 been done for anybody it’s important too 29:44 because we we throw these stats out and 29:47 a lot of times we’re always talking 29:48 people are starting to look at this but 29:50 if we’re talking you know other 29:51 countries if you’re talking in Russia 29:52 right now Ukraine is looking at this I 29:54 think people still think in their minds 29:56 that if you ask them what is a vaccine 29:58 but they’ll say as well I mean it’s just 30:00 a tiny little bit of virus or a little 30:01 bit of bacteria floating around in some 30:03 saline solution what they basically 30:05 described you as homeopathy that is not 30:07 what a vaccine is vaccine is an 30:09 extremely toxic drug that has you know 30:12 heavy metals it has mercury the most 30:15 toxic non radioactive substance on earth 30:18 people say it’s out it’s not true it’s 30:19 still in our flu shots here god knows 30:21 what it’s seen in other people’s 30:23 vaccines around the world that aren’t 30:24 looking at it we have aluminum you have 30:26 formaldehyde polysorbate 80 you know and 30:29 then you get into so the the biologics 30:32 of it we have the DNA of aborted babies 30:35 floating you know aborted fetal tissue 30:38 cell lines and animal cell lines and so 30:41 all of these things this concoction 30:43 is disgusting a witch craft brew is you 30:46 could come up with so when people are 30:49 you know we get in a lot of trouble 30:50 stepping up about you know we were just 30:53 you know in a rally yesterday in 30:55 Sacramento you know standing in front of 30:57 us you know over a thousand people 30:59 showing up to want to have the right to 31:01 decide what’s injected in their bodies 31:03 in America to think that we’ve got no 31:06 control over what would be injecting our 31:08 children ourselves it’s really hard for 31:10 I know Bobby and I to wrap our heads 31:11 around more and more Americans just 31:13 think we should do that yeah we should 31:15 have no control just go ahead and back 31:16 stay there most kids and vaccinate us I 31:18 mean you know I think that people aren’t 31:20 thinking it through 31:21 and I think they think they’re safe and 31:23 there’s really no big deal here but the 31:25 truth is is the injury levels are 31:27 massive their massive when we hear you 31:30 know so they’ll say that the risk of the 31:32 vaccine as small as it may be well they 31:34 can’t say it’s small for instance I was 31:36 up in Washington State and I met one of 31:39 the heads the CDC up there there had a 31:41 mumps outbreak and they’re really you 31:43 know to her credit she had come to an 31:45 event I was at he wanted to hear the 31:47 other side which is great very few 31:48 scientists do that and I was speaking 31:50 with her and she said you know I said 31:52 I’m appreciating you being here so 31:54 you’ll want to see you know what your 31:56 perspective is and you know you really 31:58 paint a bad picture of science that says 31:59 oh that’s not the case at all I don’t 32:01 know I don’t you mean she said well you 32:03 just make it seem like all scientists 32:04 are passing no that’s not true 32:05 well we point out is the you know the 32:08 lack of transparency by science like 32:10 transparent says sciences you know it 32:12 we’re being as transparent as we can be 32:13 well alright let me ask you question 32:15 them because you’re I know you’re 32:17 investigating the mumps outbreak up here 32:18 in Washington you want to tell me what 32:20 the numbers are because she’s like I 32:22 can’t tell you let me just take a guess 32:23 because I’ve looked at the mumps 32:24 outbreaks all over this country I’m 32:26 gonna guess that more than 90% damn near 32:28 100% of them are fully vaccinated 32:30 individuals you know you have 32:32 asymptomatic carriers I know that’s your 32:34 big dilemma she’s like you’re right 32:35 that’s we are looking at a systemic 32:36 carries like right so I know that you 32:38 have a problem you’re trying to figure 32:39 out why the vaccine is failing yet 32:41 tonight on your news I’m gonna watch 32:43 that it’s the anti-vaxxers the reason 32:45 for the mumps outbreak and you know 32:46 that’s the case I saw it last night 32:47 and you’re not calling that news agency 32:49 and stopping them as the head of the 32:51 scientific department here you’re not 32:53 stopping to say actually it’s not true 32:54 has nothing to do with the unvaccinated 32:56 our vaccine is 32:57 failing so that’s part of the problem so 33:00 then I said to her I said look here’s my 33:02 issue you know you know that children 33:06 will die being given the vaccine this 33:08 year you know that someone’s gonna have 33:10 allergic reactions others have a 33:11 propensity we don’t know what the issues 33:12 are but children are gonna die how do 33:15 you justify that as you know someone 33:17 that no I’m assuming you’re a doctor too 33:20 you’ve signed the Hippocratic oath do 33:21 you no harm she said it’s the accepted 33:24 casualty to achieve herd immunity and 33:27 then I said okay great 33:28 will you tell me what we predict will be 33:32 the number of children who will die next 33:33 year from the vaccine program and she 33:37 said we we don’t have the data on that I 33:40 said hold on a second you’re a scientist 33:42 and you just made the term accepted 33:45 casualty as though there’s some number 33:47 that you’ve wrapped your head around and 33:48 in deciding we’re gonna accept that 33:50 casualty and then when I ask you what 33:51 it’s actually gonna be you say we have 33:53 no data on that that’s my problem as a 33:56 reporter as a journalist and as an 33:58 investigator that’s a problem because if 34:01 you’re telling me that the risk of 34:03 vaccines is not as great as the disease 34:04 but you have no data on that to back 34:07 that up then we have a serious problem 34:10 especially when the point I want to make 34:12 is the reason we passed the 1986 34:15 Compensation Act was not because the 34:17 government just thought hey the 34:18 pharmaceutical industry needs to make 34:19 some more money 34:20 they were being sued so much that they 34:23 had the vaccines could not make a profit 34:25 I mean think about this nobody trusts 34:27 the pharmaceutical industry none of us 34:29 do no one in this world thinks that the 34:31 pharmaceutical industry is really 34:32 looking out for our best interests and 34:33 for some reason you know we can question 34:36 them about everything they make except 34:37 vaccines vaccines is the one place where 34:40 I just trust them implicitly think about 34:45 this this is the only product they’ve 34:47 ever made that was so bad they can’t 34:50 make a profit that’s how bad it was 34:52 that’s how many losses had and even when 34:55 it’s mandated right even they’ve got 34:57 everything going for them and they’re 34:58 still losing money on this product 35:00 because so many people are being injured 35:02 so that gives you a sense of how bad it 35:04 was so when the 86 Act comes in and our 35:06 government says we are now going to take 35:09 on responsibility because the 35:10 pharmaceutical interests 35:11 saying we’re gonna stop making it we’re 35:13 just gonna stop making you want vaccines 35:14 in this country you want to protect your 35:16 citizens and you better take over 35:17 liability because we can’t afford it and 35:19 we’re not gonna do this anymore so 35:21 Ronald Reagan hates the idea Congress 35:23 hates the idea and so that’s what led us 35:25 to the lawsuits we said how’d this get 35:26 passed and as we said they had to meet 35:29 every two years to discuss safety they 35:31 were also supposed to we had another 35:32 lawsuit they were supposed to put 35:33 together a task force headed by the head 35:35 of the National Institute of Health head 35:37 of the CDC in the head the FDA you’re 35:38 gonna work together to devise science to 35:41 evolve this product so it doesn’t injure 35:43 anybody same thing sued and they never 35:45 put the taskforce together these are 35:47 these were the only elements in this law 35:50 were taking liability way of a product 35:52 that could make no money it was so bad 35:54 the only protections put in place have 35:57 never been done they’ve never been done 35:59 so then we’re left with how dangerous is 36:03 it what do we know as investigators as a 36:05 reporter as a lawyer where do we look to 36:08 I think the only place you can really 36:09 look then is bears you have to look at 36:11 the only capture system we have vaccine 36:14 adverse events reporting system this is 36:16 where if you go to your doctor your 36:18 child gets a vaccine they start having 36:20 seizures you know that night then you go 36:23 back to doctor something’s wrong now 36:24 unfortunately doctors will normally it 36:26 will tell you oh that’s normal don’t 36:27 worry about it Norman you know no big 36:32 deal we can go further and talk about 36:35 the new normal the fact that we accept 36:36 that yes but that’s so once that happens 36:39 it says on every insert even the 36:41 slightest thing any problem just report 36:43 bears because that day the collection 36:45 system some of it will be true some will 36:47 be false will comb through it and we’ll 36:49 figure out we’ll get to the bottom of if 36:51 we’re having issues with Amy’s product 36:53 since by the way they’ve never been 36:54 tested for safety the entire human race 36:57 is now as I’ve never agreed to so theirs 37:01 is capturing that well let’s look at 37:03 those numbers because if we’re told that 37:05 vaccine injury is you know far less than 37:07 the injuries from the disease’s 37:09 themselves let’s look at that so we look 37:12 at Tver you know I know the numbers best 37:15 from 2016-2018 s coming up about the 37:17 same but in 2016 we have fifty four 37:22 thousand seven hundred 37:23 even vaccine injury reports in America 37:26 in one year alone fifty 4432 reported 37:30 deaths 10,000 emergency room visits are 37:33 we saying that I mean are we going to 37:35 accept is it okay to kill 432 innocent 37:39 people every year I don’t think is how 37:40 many measles deaths well in measles 37:43 deaths I mean it’s 1 in 500,000 when 37:48 measles was sweeping the nation in its 37:50 worst state you might have four or five 37:52 hundred deaths for measles and at that 37:54 point we have I mean we’re talking about 37:56 1960s we have better ways to handle all 37:59 those things now but that’s a wash so 38:00 right there you would see that’s a wash 38:02 so you can say well is it worth it 38:04 you know we’re killing 500 people 400 38:07 people with vaccines the disease had 38:09 about that rate but then you have to 38:11 look further then you look at the fact 38:13 that well how accurate is theirs and the 38:15 CDC paid a million dollars to a harvard 38:18 medical school to investigate bears and 38:20 see how efficient it is and after a 38:22 thorough investigation of it they came 38:24 out and said it appears that bears is 38:26 capturing less than 1% 1% if someone 38:33 tells me I’m dangerous as a journalist 38:36 because I am saying that I have 38:37 questions about the vaccine program I 38:39 know that your own system has 54,000 38:42 reported injuries and that’s less than 38:43 1% that means last year potentially in 38:46 America we had 6 million vaccine 38:49 injuries 400 deaths turns to 40 thousand 38:52 deaths if those numbers are correct we 38:54 have a massive problem if we’re having 38:56 40,000 deaths from vaccines I guarantee 38:59 you vaccines are killing more people 39:01 than any of these diseases ever dreamed 39:03 of killing and you guys have bears 39:05 because other countries don’t even have 39:07 that don’t even have is designed to 39:12 conceal vaccine injuries Masum it’s not 39:16 designed to look when in fact the same 39:19 study that I was talking about the the 39:23 group the federal agency that conduct 39:25 that study with Harvard um was testing 39:30 out a pilot program for for artificial 39:34 intelligence 39:35 machine count vaccine injuries in the 39:38 way that would work is you would go into 39:41 the into the databases and and you would 39:46 look at the instead of voluntary testing 39:50 which has a lot of failures because 39:52 think about this you go to your doctor 39:56 the doctor says the you take this 39:58 vaccine I’ll give it to your child it’s 40:00 gonna help um and your child does it 40:02 seizure 40:03 do you think that doctors gonna say 40:06 that’s from the vaccine that I gave you 40:08 who’s gonna want to say anything about 40:10 that 40:10 oh he doesn’t want to report it and then 40:14 what if that child gets autism three 40:16 years later is he even gonna connect the 40:18 dots what if he gets food allergies 40:19 he’s not gonna connect the doctor a 40:23 system is designed to fail so ladies 40:25 Eddie here’s another system it’s a 40:26 machine counting system we look at the 40:30 vaccines down to batch and we look at 40:34 the emergency room visits and the 40:36 medical complaints and the insurance 40:37 claims we do a cluster analysis we can 40:41 identify 95 to 99 percent of vaccine 40:45 injuries that way and they were allowed 40:48 to test this out with one HMO for three 40:51 years and they came back and said it 40:53 works like a charm 40:54 we were able to do it in a way that we 40:58 didn’t even dream and then they gave see 41:00 didn’t see the bad news ten percent of 41:03 people who were vaccinated got injured 41:06 CDC says it’s one in a million and 41:08 person is one in ten 41:11 slight discrepancies oh uh so CDC you 41:15 shut down that program so the program 41:17 that they have is design mask injuries 41:21 his not designed to as a device search 41:27 for empirical truth and then there was 41:29 all of those stories of batches being 41:31 split into you know among different 41:33 states in order to help 1979 Pfizer 41:39 killed a lot of people antenna on a 41:41 children at Tennessee fronts it’s from a 41:43 bad batch of vaccine and we got a hold 41:46 of the memo 41:48 at they then passed out that’s sad from 41:51 now on we’re gonna divide up the batches 41:54 and send them to all different parts 41:57 that country so that if we do get a bad 42:00 batch people won’t notice yeah it’s 42:03 another way of hiding magazine injuries 42:05 and hiding vaccine res which is what 42:07 this whole enterprise is about so with 42:10 all of this mess because basically it’s 42:12 just a huge terrible mess and it’s kind 42:16 of getting worse in a way it’s getting 42:19 worse because of all of the mandates my 42:21 question and not only my question but 42:23 the people for example who read the 42:25 stuff that I write that my colleagues 42:26 write and we when we advocate you know 42:29 on this topic the usual question that 42:31 comes up is okay so if there’s such a 42:33 big mess for example in the u.s. how 42:35 come the situation with the mandates is 42:38 getting worse and worse and more and 42:40 more states because they’re connected 42:42 because they I mean you know Delano I 42:46 have been trying to debate them or a 42:49 decade nobody knows and it’s not because 42:53 we’re a brilliant debaters it’s because 42:56 science collapses their scientists 43:00 collapse on on its merits they will not 43:03 and you know a month ago I was invited 43:06 by the Connecticut State Legislature to 43:09 debate five Yale virologists on vaccine 43:12 safety and they all agreed I flew across 43:14 the country I arrived there the next 43:16 morning there’s five empty seats at me 43:18 and none of them showed up because the 43:20 industry tells them not to show up 43:22 because I don’t want a debate I know 43:25 they can’t win a debate the only thing 43:28 they can do then is use coercion and 43:31 censorship it’s the only thing because 43:33 they have a product that cannot stand on 43:36 its own merit that is killing clearly 43:38 killing more people than it does aiming 43:40 and the only way for them but they’re 43:42 making billions fifty billion dollars on 43:44 it a year the only way for them to 43:47 continue to operate that marketplace as 43:51 an EM to shut down all debate on the 43:54 products then nobody knows about it 43:57 and to compel people to use it when they 44:00 want 44:00 and that’s what they’re in a rush 44:03 actually yeah what’s happening is 44:05 there’s a ticking clock now I think a 44:07 lot of the work that we’ve done a lot of 44:09 it you see up front there’s many things 44:10 we do behind the scenes meeting with 44:12 scientists and and universities and 44:14 people that are leaving sometimes take 44:16 on the challenge right I’ll challenge 44:17 you I’ll look at this all of that 44:20 science is is coming in our favor 44:22 all that’s landing in our favor and the 44:24 pharmaceutical industry knows this and 44:26 they you know you have to understand in 44:27 America it’s the number one most 44:30 powerful lobby in Washington the number 44:33 one it’s out spending oil and gas 44:34 two-to-one I say to people when I speak 44:37 publicly we fight wars in the Middle 44:40 East for the money oil and gas is 44:42 putting into our government what is 44:44 Pharma getting for their money it’s 44:46 twice as much and I think that you’ve 44:49 got to start looking at the agenda the 44:51 agenda they’re not spending that money 44:52 because they want another opioid 44:54 epidemic they have a product that they 44:56 don’t have to advertise they can’t be 44:57 sued for they don’t have to do any 44:58 safety testing the future of the 45:00 pharmaceutical industry is the vaccine 45:02 program it’s the fastest-growing sector 45:05 so every politician Bernie Sanders or 45:07 you know you whoever I always think of 45:08 Bernie because I was a fan of his when 45:10 he says I’m anti vaccine Lobby but then 45:13 says he’s Pro vaccine mandate I think 45:15 what is the disconnect 45:16 what is your disconnect this is their 45:19 future and so they want an adult vaccine 45:23 mandate they’re already tested in 45:25 Argentina last year they there’s the 45:27 first country where they said you can’t 45:28 get your driver’s license renewed until 45:30 you are fully vaccinated as an adult 45:32 that’s where this entire anyway what 45:37 about your America you know nothing died 45:40 you know at the 1986 yeah Act so what 45:45 they see is and that’s where the money 45:47 is the money is not in two to three 45:49 percent of the unvaccinated kids in 45:51 America Pharma doesn’t care that much 45:52 except they’re using that as the excuse 45:55 to take away these exemptions because 45:58 they know the moment they bring online 45:59 the forced adult mandate I think it’ll 46:02 be connected in America probably to our 46:04 real ID which is due in 2020 so we’re 46:07 gonna get a new license that will 46:09 replace our passport our driver’s 46:11 license have all of our medical medical 46:12 records in that moment you can’t get it 46:14 and 46:14 you’re vaccinated and all of a sudden 46:15 every adult in this countries you know 46:17 wait hold on to say what are you talking 46:19 about and then they’re gonna say well 46:20 who’s that Bobby K and Bobby and tell 46:22 those guys those exemptions right and 46:24 they’re not gonna realize that all those 46:26 disappeared there’s left for anybody to 46:35 opt out of this stupid program no but 46:37 that’s that’s what’s really taking place 46:39 now this is what it seems like but 46:41 honestly I came here today hoping that 46:43 you guys would tell me nah actually you 46:46 know there’s this plan B something but 46:49 this this is so so that’s their plan 46:51 it’s not our point yeah so is there a 46:54 plan because honestly the whole world is 46:56 watching the whole vaccine debate is 46:58 originated in the US so the whole world 47:00 is watching and kind of playing it ok so 47:02 the wind now blows this way we’re gonna 47:04 follow it the UK is doing the same thing 47:06 and Russia is sort of like you know 47:09 whatever you corner them a little bit 47:11 they start pointing in your direction 47:12 saying oh but then you know look at what 47:14 they’re doing they must know better so 47:16 they must know better this is what’s 47:17 happening 2020 is next year I would say 47:20 they need to watch a little closer 47:22 because I think one of the things so we 47:23 had a really fascinating Marines because 47:26 as many people know Donald Trump met 47:28 with Bobby and asked you to head this 47:31 vaccine Safety Commission we ended up 47:32 getting a meeting at the National 47:34 Institute of Health about all that came 47:36 out but we were really prepared for that 47:37 Bobby did an amazing job presenting what 47:40 we call the vaccine safety project so on 47:42 your site children self defense on my 47:44 site and form consent Action Network I 47:46 can decide or you can download that we 47:49 want people to be able to use that we 47:51 are we have we think about this we were 47:54 sitting across from the brain trust of 47:56 science you know immunology and and 47:58 vaccines in the world I mean we had the 48:00 best the best city across the table from 48:02 us and so when we said we can’t find a 48:05 placebo study of any of the childhood 48:07 vaccines were giving our kids 48:08 does it not exist or is it just in a you 48:12 know some website we can’t find I mean 48:15 they at first some like one of these 48:17 people said oh we do those trials it’s 48:20 just it’s just in phase one and phase 48:22 two and Bobby was essentially like we’re 48:24 at the National Institute of Health 48:25 that’s what we’re doing here bring it to 48:26 us like let us see it 48:28 you know that’s what we’re here to do we 48:29 you know we’re not looking we don’t know 48:30 what the answers are we’re saying if 48:32 there’s trials being done placebos we’d 48:34 like to see that information because 48:35 we’re looking at everything else and 48:37 then there’s then it got kind of quiet 48:41 then Cody pouchy blurts out 48:43 I think this Tony says we don’t do we 48:46 don’t do Bo studies on vaccines 48:48 because it’d be unethical 48:49 then Francis Collins looks at me I was 48:51 all right yet right no it’s unethical to 48:53 do and then they all I changed their 48:55 tube right before our eyes it was like 48:57 you know any safety studies on Mercury 49:04 and we said guess what if and there was 49:14 a I think there was a money payout as 49:19 $100,000 if they could find one study 49:22 but here’s the thing 49:23 and they you know there was a lot of 49:24 shuffling through papers and you know 49:27 she’s got not one not one oh so I think 49:34 what people need to think about when 49:35 they’re looking at this issue and you’re 49:37 looking at America right I mean we are 49:39 where has America goes so will the world 49:41 I mean it’s not that you know however 49:43 arrogant or however we think of 49:44 ourselves that’s how the medical system 49:47 is is being designed here and how you 49:49 bring it out to the world was coming 49:51 through America so if you’re talking the 49:54 top scientific body and they said we’ve 49:55 never done a safety study period never 49:58 done it would be unethical to do it 50:00 therefore it’s more ethical to turn the 50:02 population into study now here’s the 50:06 thing they’ll say though what they’ll 50:07 say is look we know uh vaccines are safe 50:09 because we’ve been using them for over a 50:11 hundred years and we don’t have an issue 50:13 and so then you have to say okay hold on 50:16 a second did you just tell me that in 50:18 order to understand the safety of this 50:20 product I simply have to look at the 50:21 population at large 50:23 yes great let’s do that and this is what 50:26 I want people around the world to look 50:27 at here are the actual stats you can 50:30 look it up anywhere you want CBS CNN 50:32 they’re all reporting it we have more 50:34 babies dying on the first day of life in 50:37 the United States of America then every 50:39 other industrialized nation combined 50:41 we have more babies died in the first 50:43 year of life than the 20 other richest 50:46 nations in the world it’s now being 50:48 reported that here in America you’re 70 50:50 percent more likely to die before 50:52 reaching the age of 18 then if you were 50:54 raised in the 20 other richest nations 50:56 in the world and the biggest at that 50:58 Bobby point and I put out is that when 51:01 we were getting 11 vaccines in the 1980s 51:04 before we took away liability our 51:06 children had a chronic illness rate of 51:08 12.8% either a neurological or an 51:11 autoimmune disease making up chronic 51:13 illness now that we’re giving the 72 51:15 doses of 16 vaccines by the time you’re 51:19 18 that chronic illness rate has gone to 51:21 54 percent of the children in America 51:24 12:54 a chronic illness that is 51:28 officially the greatest decline in 51:31 public health in recorded history . . so 51:37 when someone so you just told me and 51:38 then they’ll say but then the same 51:39 people will say well you can’t say that 51:41 vaccines are causing all that as a hold 51:43 on a second you just told me that record 51:45 is what I’m supposed to rely on for your 51:47 proof that vaccines are worth not only 51:49 that but every one of those diseases 51:52 which are the allergic to eggs as 51:58 rhinitis food allergies autoimmune 52:02 diseases can be a route to it arthritis 52:05 juvenile diabetes my lighting diseases 52:09 all those other diseases cerebral palsy 52:12 and the neurodevelopmental diseases ATD 52:15 ADHD speech language delay autism ASD 52:18 tics narcolepsy SIDS all of the diseases 52:22 that are make up that chronic disease 52:24 epidemic every single one of them on the 52:27 inside without any exception is listed 52:30 as a vaccine side effect by the 52:32 manufacturers on their insert so how do 52:35 you argue that they’re not causing it 52:41 yeah maybe they aren’t but if they 52:44 aren’t then tell us what is it’s got to 52:46 be an environmental factor yeah it’s not 52:48 genes genes don’t cause epidemics 52:50 nine epidemics that happened within 52:52 three decades yeah I mean 30 years 52:55 there’s no genes nothing happens in our 52:57 DNA that moves that fast there’s no 52:58 other explanation we have an in massive 53:01 environmental impact happening and the 53:04 illness this I mean this is and this is 53:06 something we would say easily on the 53:07 doctors this is medically established 53:09 this is the sickest nation of children 53:12 in the industrialized world and we have 53:14 the sickest generation of children 53:15 America we’ve seen since we and so it 53:32 has the best health outcomes highest 53:37 quality of life till death I mean it 53:40 Japan ranks number one and that is 53:42 amazing by the way they did have 53:53 disappeared did they do the same with 53:55 HPV that they’ve done the HPV vaccine as 53:58 well after they’d just seen a huge rise 53:59 in listen to their numbers and the 54:04 people when they say we’re being injured 54:05 I mean this this thing is happening in 54:07 America in the end you know I know Bobby 54:10 must have his moments questioning what 54:12 am I doing here 54:13 I mean it it’s it’s a huge thing we’re 54:16 up against this massive Goliath and you 54:18 think of all the other things we could 54:19 do with our lives I you know I like to 54:21 go back to making movies and 54:23 documentaries but we are talking about 54:26 the potential to end this species this 54:29 thing is so out of control and nobody 54:33 seems to be caring I mean we if we have 54:37 a mistake like a thalidomide or the you 54:39 know there’s drugs we’ve had that you 54:42 know women took for morning sickness 54:43 that ended up making their own daughters 54:46 not be able to give birth what happens 54:48 if we do that in a vaccine 54:49 what if we have a mandated product has 54:50 never been through a safety study that 54:52 somehow accidentally you know sterilized 54:59 the clinical trial 55:01 very unfair if your rate in the clinical 55:04 trials was off-the-charts and what we’re 55:07 seeing now and they mandated knife 55:08 acquisition in 2006 and what we’re 55:11 saying is you would predict from the 55:14 vaccine clinical trials which is that 55:16 fertility rate is plummeting in young 55:20 girls in every jurisdiction where the 55:23 HPV is mandated and people are saying 55:26 CNN is saying it’s a ministry you know 55:29 maybe the girls are not interested in 55:31 sex anymore because they’re on their 55:33 cell phone all the time they’re doing 55:35 the same thing with depression it was a 55:37 huge depression rate in the HPV clinical 55:41 trials and now they’re saying girls 55:43 particularly suicide rate and the 55:46 depression rate is now is now catching 55:50 up with boys for the first time in 55:51 history and again 55:54 CNN is saying maybe it’s from cell 55:56 phones maybe it’s from something else in 55:58 history but it happened in 2006 I was 56:02 that year that same year at the lineage 56:05 all those population wide impacts was 56:09 the year that a vaccine was mandated for 56:12 every child that predicted that would 56:16 happen in the clinical trials yeah I 56:19 mean and and they’ll say it’s anecdotal 56:21 right oh it’s anecdotal that the timings 56:23 though it’s anecdote we have to use our 56:29 minds here okay let’s say it is it’s 56:31 definitely anecdotal right but why is 56:34 this the one topic you know you have a 56:37 directive timing entry points where 56:40 vaccines are mandated immediately we see 56:42 the change in health outcomes based on 56:44 what we knew from the trials this is all 56:46 logical thinking and yet this is the one 56:48 discussion you’re not allowed to have we 56:50 could talk about cell phones only that 56:53 we have the correlation with all of 56:57 these and they’ll say well correlation 56:58 is not causation which is true right but 57:02 we also have the animal studies you have 57:05 the clinical studies we have the 57:07 biological studies we have the 57:10 pharmacological studies 57:12 those are all in the literature nobody’s 57:14 looking at him oh it’s not just we’re 57:17 not just relying on causation yeah the 57:20 autism epidemic started in 1989 57:22 that’s what EPA says that’s the year 57:25 that the vaccine schedule was changed 57:27 and people say okay well that’s could be 57:29 just a coincidence II on it could be oh 57:31 we also have a hundred and sixty-eight 57:34 animal studies clinical studies 57:36 epidemiological study does that say it 57:39 is the vaccines that’s causing a large 57:41 part of the autism epidemic yeah oh you 57:44 know yeah well the point I was just 57:45 gonna make is it’s like a teenager that 57:47 you caught you know what’s the dent in 57:49 the car you said you took the car out 57:50 last night 57:51 why are you accusing me you can’t like 57:52 why are you accusing me that’s wrong I 57:55 mean it’s that’s how they’re reacting 57:56 like if they’re if they’re being that 57:58 sense of sensor that stop that shut up 58:00 you’re not allowed to say the soon as 58:02 you start hearing an industry speaking 58:04 about one thing and your government 58:06 saying this one space you’re not allowed 58:08 to ask the obvious questions to me that 58:10 she’d put up the biggest red flag ding 58:12 ding ding ding ding ding we’re obviously 58:13 on to something here you know and 58:16 anybody that parrots that it’s dangerous 58:18 to be questioning these things or you 58:20 know this is just crazy 58:22 you know anti Baxter talk it’s just it’s 58:24 simply not the science is on our side is 58:27 anyone that looks everybody that will 58:30 say that they are Pro vaccine and they 58:32 looked into or you know they’re making a 58:33 decision the truth is is they believe 58:35 and they want to live in a world where 58:37 listening to my doctor makes me smarter 58:40 then a person that goes and investigates 58:43 themselves because if you actually go 58:44 and start reading the literature even 58:46 the studies that they point to to say 58:48 look at the same you see the problem 58:50 with the study right away 58:51 for instance the big study out of 58:53 Denmark right now say we’ve looked at 58:55 you know what hundreds of thousands of 58:56 children we proved the MMR doesn’t cause 58:59 autism because basically they broke up 59:01 two groups they had all the kids that 59:03 got all the vaccines and then all that 59:06 gives you all the vaccines plus MMR or I 59:07 can say the other way everything but 59:09 anymore and the group that got 59:11 everything and the MMR well first of all 59:14 they’re fully vaccinated everyone in 59:16 this is hyper vaccinate at least by 59:18 Denmark actually it’s about one third of 59:20 the vaccines we get in America but 59:22 here’s the point if any other vaccine 59:25 can cause autism which I would say as 59:28 I’ve traveled this country more people 59:30 claim DTaP vaccine caused autism then 59:33 even the MMR which is what my film was 59:35 about and that was shocking to me as I 59:37 was traveling the country of Acts more 59:39 people said we never got the MMR vaccine 59:42 our kid got autism out of the DTaP so 59:44 here’s the problem 59:45 everyone now Sanjay Gupta Anderson 59:47 Cooper the proof is in the Denmark study 59:49 proves it 59:50 you know vaccines don’t cause autism 59:51 first of all you can’t say vaccines 59:53 plural you can say the MMR because 59:55 that’s the only part that was looked at 59:56 but here’s a problem just think about 59:58 how the study works if DTaP causes 60:00 autism and your control group everyone 60:03 was getting DTaP vaccine this study is 60:05 useless 60:06 it’s absolutely no se have 22 60:10 epidemiological studies that’s all they 60:12 have and they rely on deserve access 60:16 don’t cause autism and here’s the 60:18 problem there’s not a single one of 60:21 those studies that is the kind of study 60:26 that you would do if you really want to 60:28 know which is look at a vaccinated group 60:31 any look at unvaccinated group and you 60:34 compare how outcomes they’ve never done 60:35 that every one of those that are looking 60:38 at a heavily vaccinated group and 60:41 comparing it to a slightly less heavy I 60:44 believe it’s the same thing as if you 60:48 were looking for cancer and the 60:50 association between cigarettes in cancer 60:52 and you looked at people who smoked a 60:54 pack of cigarettes a day versus people 60:56 who smoked 22 cigarettes a day and you 61:00 know you may not see it’s a it’s 61:02 calculated to bury the association the 61:05 other problem is none of them look at to 61:07 each other I don’t know what get happy 61:09 right when Congress passed the vaccine 61:12 Act people all over the country thought 61:15 the DTaP was causing their autism this 61:18 is 12 years before Andy Wakefield yeah 61:20 12 years before Congress ordered HHS as 61:24 part of the vaccine Act study whether 61:27 vaccines are caught whether the DTaP is 61:29 causing autism as HHS ever done that 61:33 study no 30 40 years later 30 years 61:37 later that already 61:38 ever been done by anybody and they were 61:42 they were scolded by the I own the 61:45 Institute of Medicine which is the 61:47 ultimate arbiter of vaccine science in 61:49 1991 in 1994 in 2011 and 2014 61:57 IOM went back again and again and said 62:00 CDC you are not doing the study that 62:03 Congress told you to do which is to look 62:05 at the DTaP and autism it has never been 62:08 done and that’s it when I think what 62:12 we’ve proven through lawsuits and 62:14 continued lawsuits is that the way this 62:16 game works is they don’t do the science 62:18 and if you really listen closely to how 62:20 they say it they will say there’s no 62:22 scientific studies that prove that point 62:25 that proved that causation 62:26 they are literally avoiding doing the 62:29 science so they can keep reporting to 62:31 you hey we just can’t find a study 62:33 anywhere that makes that Association 62:36 even though hundreds of thousands of 62:38 eyewitnesses around the world on a 62:41 yearly basis are pointing out the same 62:44 suspect and saying please investigate 62:46 that suspect the powers of the world 62:48 being driven by the pharmaceutical 62:49 industry are removing one suspect from 62:52 the lineup and then telling us all it’s 62:54 a mystery we don’t know what is this 62:56 huge decline in health and so with all 62:59 of this said my question after hearing 63:03 all of you know all of these arguments 63:04 put together which is what we’ve been 63:05 trying to get people to read and vaccine 63:08 Safety Commission the 50 studies that 63:10 are there we’ve translated them we’ve 63:12 made people read that you know there was 63:14 we needed to use VPN to access that 63:17 because they would literally block the 63:18 access to the websites that will contain 63:20 the translations we’ve translated faxed 63:22 we’ve translated the truths about 63:24 vaccines at least part of it is 63:26 translated into multi you know different 63:28 languages but still you know I’m hearing 63:30 this today I’m thinking so there are a 63:32 lot of people in other countries parents 63:35 for saying you know I’m not comfortable 63:36 with this I don’t like what I see I see 63:39 a lot of people writing that I should be 63:41 looking into something I’m looking into 63:43 it and I don’t like what I find but at 63:45 the same time my country is mandating me 63:47 is scaring me 63:49 the media is controlled censorship all 63:50 of what we’ve discussed today what do 63:54 people do like what is what would you 63:56 say what kind of support needs to be 63:59 there 64:00 what sort of action needs to take place 64:03 for this to really start changing you 64:06 know can people do anything 64:08 who shall there you know look if you 64:11 live in the United States you cannot do 64:13 a vaccine company and what we’re doing 64:15 now is figuring out ways this is product 64:19 liability you know other ways it’s lying 64:25 about you know bad advertising those 64:29 kind of things and it’s tricky and 64:31 they’re all you know new ways well you 64:34 think we’re gonna be able to do it um 64:37 but if you live in another country most 64:40 countries don’t have that prohibition 64:42 and what I would say is you know um yeah 64:47 you know I would urge lawyers around the 64:49 world to start suing over the Gardasil 64:51 vaccine HPV vaccines are damaging huge 64:55 numbers of women and they’re much easier 64:57 than the kids vaccine because the kids 65:01 vaccinated that you know an infant can’t 65:03 talk correctly 65:04 and they’re getting 26 or 28 vaccine you 65:07 don’t know what caused it but then you 65:09 waiting you know until they’re 9 or 10 65:11 years old and given HPV vaccine this is 65:14 a perfectly healthy child a girl who may 65:17 be a great athlete and a great scholar 65:19 and suddenly she’s totally debilitated 65:21 and in those cases if you don’t have the 65:25 prohibition we have in this country you 65:26 can sue them 65:27 um you know in terms of written either 65:30 Dell or I or doctors so we don’t advise 65:32 people about what to do with their 65:34 children but I would say this you know 65:38 it is important for people to take 65:42 control over their own health care 65:44 decisions and not rely on the medical 65:48 establishment because the medical 65:50 establishment not cross the globe today 65:53 is controlled by Pharma they control 65:57 them from when they go into medical 65:58 school 65:59 hey are they all in the medical schools 66:02 today they all in the medical journals 66:04 they own they own the TV all the ways of 66:08 communicating and they and now they own 66:12 the social media now Google is now a 66:14 pharmaceutical company so oh you cannot 66:19 you know it’s it’s sad to say this but 66:21 you cannot trust medical advice from 66:25 medical professionals you need that 66:27 doesn’t mean that you don’t have a great 66:29 doctor that you shouldn’t listen to but 66:31 you need to take control of your own 66:33 health care and you need to question 66:35 everything I think you have to realize 66:37 that your doctor has been lied to just 66:39 like you have um I think that the opioid 66:42 epidemic in America I don’t know what 66:44 opioids like unless the world I only 66:46 know that here we have you know sixty 66:50 seventy thousand people dying every year 66:52 from this addiction I mean those are 66:53 higher numbers than all of the Vietnam 66:55 War and the soldiers we lost is a huge 66:58 death rate and people will say to me you 67:00 know I trust my doctor my doctor does 67:02 their investigation doctor knows best 67:04 more than you do as a reporter or you as 67:06 a lawyer I say okay well then by that 67:09 same logic then should we be blaming the 67:11 doctors for the opioid epidemic and like 67:13 well no I mean they didn’t know better 67:15 bingo that’s the problem you see the 67:18 problem is that when the doctors saw 67:20 some addiction in their clinic they 67:22 would do what they do with vaccines when 67:24 someone says my child’s having seizures 67:26 or I think my child’s autism happens 67:28 from the vaccine the doctors only 67:29 resources they go to the CDC website CDC 67:33 website says oxycontin is safe have 67:35 given appropriately CDC website says 67:37 vaccines don’t cause autism in fact and 67:39 so these regulatory agencies that’s all 67:41 there is there the Bible for your doctor 67:43 if they’re telling the doctor that and 67:45 that’s what the doctor is living by and 67:47 we look at the FDA in the middle of the 67:49 oxycontin crisis here in America in 2012 67:53 we knew we had a problem tens of 67:55 thousands of people are now dying the 67:56 FDA reaches out to the manufacturer and 67:58 says could you see if this drug would be 68:00 okay for children and then approve it 68:03 later that year for ten years old and 68:05 over like lowered the age in the middle 68:08 of a crisis our problem is not not out 68:10 against doctors I’m getting annoyed with 68:13 artists for not investigating this when 68:14 you see how often the CDC the FDA has 68:17 been wrong 68:18 EPA I mean you know Bobby has spent his 68:22 life fighting to have regulations that 68:25 that protect us in this country you know 68:27 I’m sort of politically marooned at the 68:29 moment all of my family grew up a 68:31 progressive liberal I’m an 68:32 environmentalist from Boulder Colorado 68:33 but my parents will say to me you know 68:35 Donald Trump’s gonna destroy the 68:37 regulatory agencies in America and I say 68:39 hope he does actually hope he does 68:41 because if the CDC if your medical 68:43 agency regulatory agencies being run by 68:46 sanofi-aventis and in an Pfizer and 68:49 Merck which it is then it’s no good to 68:51 you if your FDA is being run by people 68:53 from Monsanto what good is it if your 68:54 epa is being run by people from Exxon 68:57 and this is what’s happened you know our 68:59 regulatory agencies have been totally 69:01 captured by the industry’s we’re 69:02 supposed to be being protected from I 69:04 can’t even imagine how bad it gets in 69:06 other place in the world but if you’re 69:07 looking at us this is how we’re leading 69:09 this charge this is what’s happening and 69:11 lastly what can we do all change happens 69:15 because of the people it doesn’t you 69:17 know yes go talk to politicians yes be 69:19 very conscious when you vote you know 69:21 all of those things but the number one 69:23 thing you have to do is you have to 69:25 start having this conversation with your 69:26 neighbor with your family at the you 69:29 know at the Christmas table at the you 69:31 know whatever celebration we can’t our 69:33 problems in this world is because we got 69:35 so politically correct oh don’t mess up 69:37 a good family dinner by bringing up 69:39 politics or religion or or vaccines 69:41 wrong that puts the powers-that-be that 69:44 puts the industry in charge of your life 69:46 we need to take back our lives by 69:48 talking to each other if we actually 69:50 turn off the television set for a second 69:52 stop listening to whatever point of view 69:54 they were spewing upon us and I’ve done 69:57 this with friends of mine they’re on the 69:58 opposite side of the table if you start 69:59 talking the issues you start recognizing 70:01 that we are much closer together than we 70:04 realize our news is tearing us apart 70:06 these political parties are keeping us 70:08 divided so that they can control we need 70:12 to take back control and that is simply 70:13 a conversation share the materials you 70:16 find if you download the vaccine safety 70:18 papers read it understand it share it 70:20 with your next friend I think Bobby and 70:22 I there’s times that we’re speaking to 70:24 you know thousands of people an audience 70:26 and sometimes 70:27 and there’s 50 people in the audience 70:28 don’t say I’m really sorry you know 70:30 something happened another you know 70:31 whatever and I say I don’t care there 70:33 may be one person in this audience 70:35 that’s gonna change this thing in this 70:38 world every single person that wakes up 70:42 is a victory one-by-one once the people 70:47 know the truth there’s no political 70:49 system that can shut us up and there’s 70:51 no industry that can shut us out we have 70:54 got to stand tall and we’ve got to learn 70:57 to speak to each other again and then we 71:00 will have the power that we need thank 71:04 you and this is precisely why I came 71:06 whole the way from across the world to 71:08 speak to you guys today because I do 71:10 believe in that and I do preach the same 71:11 thing and I feel that taking back 71:14 responsibility for your health and for 71:15 the health of your kids is the minimum 71:17 basic mandatory thing that every parent 71:20 should do so I really appreciate the 71:22 time that you spent with me today 71:23 speaking on this I’m gonna ensure that 71:27 the people who follow me and my 71:29 colleagues would look closer into the 71:31 work that you do and feel that this is 71:33 not about us and this country and east 71:35 and west this is about just the people 71:37 waking up and realizing this is a global 71:40 problem it is and they need to feel that 71:42 as a global problem the sooner the 71:44 better so thanks a lot it’s an honor and 71:47 it’s been a great pleasure thank you 71:50 [Music] 72:25 you

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